In the Beginning

Hands Extended was established in 2003 as a simple outreach to children in San Luis, Mexico. The first year, we supplied clothing and a few toys. My husband provided all the funds for that first year. In 2004 we extended our outreach by giving Christmas gifts to the same children. We also added one more family and helped provide them everyday needs such as food and clothing. In 2005, friends and family got involved with funds, toys, and whatever they could do to help. In 2006 we grew and made a much larger leap. We did Christmas for the same group of children but added one more family and more projects for the Oaxaca Indians.

Back to School

Time has passed, and we continue to grow. God keeps showing us new ways to demonstrate His love for us and the people He puts in our path. Our focus eventually changed from Christmas outreach to education. We now have over 70 children whose schooling we support. These kids are obtaining educations they could never dream of without the help of those who join us. We continue to pray that all those who are touched by this ministry see God in us and in what we do. We believe that an example, like a picture, is worth a thousand words, and we know God will use all we do as long as it's done in His name.

If you feel led to invest in the education of a child who would otherwise not get one, please get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help you find a child. You, too, can change a life.

We're Proud of Our Students!

We've helped over 100 students obtain an education since we began providing tuition and supplies in 2005. In this space we'd like to showcase some of those students. Come back often for a new success story.


This month we would like to introduce Jhosafat (Nolasco Asael).

This young man has been with us for a couple years and is now about to finish his bachelors degree in law. He grew up in a strong Christian family and has found his passion in music and worship. His greatest aspiration is to praise God through music and be used by Him. Jhosafat's college degree is his whole family's pride and joy, since he will be the first one to have finished college. He is very excited, and we are proud of his hard work and determination to finish his schooling.

He is just one of the many students that we help through our program, and we are grateful for all your prayers and support. Please help us by continuing to pray for Jhosafat as he goes into the work field, and that the Lord may give him grace and wisdom.

If you would like to be part of a child's life and success, please be sure to contact us through a direct message and we will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you!

CONTACT US at hands_extended@msn.com.

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